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The advanced version of a professional facial, this customized treatment gives new life to dull, aged, damaged and acne-prone skin.

HydraFacial MD® combines different skin health technologies: hydradermabrasion, peeling, suction extraction, light therapy and more. The process and products are suitable for all skin types.

Only HydraFacial MD® uses patented technology to clean, extract and moisturize. HydraFacial ® ® Super Serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly rewarding glow.


CLEANING + DERMABRASION : Gentle exfoliation, smoothing of the skin.


EXTRACTION + HYDRATION : Cleans pores and nourishes the skin.


FUSION + PROTECTION : Infuses antioxidants and peptides.

Classic Hydrafacial: 200$+tx

This treatment cleans, exfoliates and aspirates impurities in addition to deeply moisturizing the skin, the skin is immediately plumped and radiant, no down time

(Cure of 4 / 680$+tx)

(Cure of 6 / 960$+tx)


Hydrafacial Clarifying: 230$+tx

Includes extended extraction and blue + red LED phototherapy(Cure de 4 / 785$+tx)

(Cure of 4/785 $ + tx)

(Cure of 6 /1100$+tx)

Hydrafacial Deluxe: 255$+tx

Includes Dermabuilder serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or Britenol serum to reduce the appearance of dark spots(Cure de 4 / 850$+tx)

(Cure of 4/870 $ + tx)

(Cure of 6/1230 $ + tx)

Hydrafacial Platinum: 330$+tx

Includes CTGF serum protein from growth factors and stem cells to improve the appearance, texture and elasticity of skin or ZOSKINHEALTH serum that illuminates and evenifies the complexion for a dramatic glow.

(Cure of 4 / 1120$+tx)

(Cure of 6 / 1590$+tx)

Hydrafacial Diamond: 380$ +tx

The ultimate Hydra-Facial experience, lymphatic drainage to start, Hydra-Facial facial, neck and décolleté, specific serum and phototherapy

(Cure of 4 /1295$ +tx)

(Cure of 6 /1830$ +tx)